Neidt & Day Farm

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Our animals are friendly and frequently handled.  Our goal is to provide you with healthy, happy goats that will excel in producing healthy babies, fresh milk or companionship. Our goats will be sold once they no longer need their Mom's milk and will have their CD&T shots and be disbudded (unless they are polled) . Also at your request we can band any boys. We do not believe in banding before 3 months, to reduce the risk of urinary calculi.
Discounts given for 4H or FFA members. Please just ask.


We have finally been able to realize our dream of having our own barn and running a small farm. We wanted fresh eggs and milk for our family and realized we could produce and sell eggs and nice milking goats for others as well.  We are a small family run farm in the rolling NW Hills of Connecticut.  We had a wonderful batch of 2016 kids, and still have a few available on our "Kid Korral" page.  We also have fresh eggs for sale and will have produce and fruit available in the future.

Our goal is to provide you with quality products from a local farm.  Fresh Eggs are available for $ 3.00 per dozen.


Our goal for your family

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