Tiny Tim

DOB June 28th, 2013

Hi! I'm Tiny Tim and I'm almost 2 years old. In this picture I was 4 days old. I slept a lot when I a baby, I still do. Not only am I one of the Mystic Mountain Mascots, I am also the mascot for the Doesy Doats 4-H goat club. My mommy, Cassandra, and my Aunt Heather are in this club and they both love that.


​DOB June 18th, 2011

Hi! I'm Fred the goat. I am almost 6 years old. This is me when I was about  2, I still  like jumping in wheelbarrows. In fact, a little bit ago when my "grandma", Colleen, was cleaning my stall I jumped into it and it was full. It fell over and Grandma Colleen got mad at me! ;-) 


We have fresh eggs available for $ 3.00 per dozen.  You contact us to pick them up at our farm or we may be able to deliver them depending on where you are.  We are also hoping to participate in some Farmer's Markets this Summer.  We will post that when we have registered for them.

Our chickens love to go out in the pasture when we get home from work.  They are happy and healthy and produce tasty, hard shelled eggs and are not given any supplements.