Mystic Mountain Starfire

DOB June 24th, 2013

Our Polled standing buck. He is black and white with frosted ears, blue eyes and a very snuggly personality.  

Mystic Mountain Giselle

DOB June 24th, 2013

A beautiful tan and white doeling with frosted ears.  Her coloring is reminiscent of a creamsicle with a sweet personality to match.  This is Autumn's kid.  She is an amazing milk producer with large teats and a capacious udder!

Our herd is CAE negative.  Tested 2013

Doubletree Autumn

DOB May 13th, 2010

She was a Christmas present to the (human) kids.  While she was born at the same farm as Saphire they are not related.  She kidded a single doeling on June 24th.  Her doeling took first place in the Litchfield County 4H Fair and we have retained her for our next crop of kids! :)

Whey Better Camilla

DOB June 18th, 2011

Camilla was our first goat (that is with her brother). She was bottle raised and she is quite a lovebug.  She has kidded twice with 2 babies each time.  Her babies are always lovebugs like her.  She is our most prolific milker.

Doubletree Saphire

DOB May 15th, 2010

This doe has kidded twice for us with brightly colored triplets each time.  We retained her daughter CeCe from lat years crop.  Her milk is very yummy and she has a very nice udder!

 Mystic Mountain CeCe


DOB June 7th, 2014

CeCe is a little doeling that Sapphire gave birth to in 2014. She loves everybody that she meets and would do anything for food. Her second freshening udder is wonderful adn won her 2nd place udder at our 4H fair this Summer!